The Mazor Core Technology

The Mazor Core is the collaboration of four key technologies in Mazor's systems to provide predictable, efficient and precise surgical procedures.

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SURGICAL PLANNING SUITE with Mazor Technology in spine surgery



  • Sophisticated 3D analytics and virtual tools developed to determine procedure goals and surgical plan.

  • The suite of tools allow creation of a “surgical blueprint” thatseparates the surgeon’s analytical planning process from the actual surgery. During surgery, the surgeon executes the plan as an efficient and predictable procedure with no anatomical surprises, implantsare pre-selected and prepped, the team knows what to expect.


ANATOMY RECOGNITION ENGINE with Mazor Technology in spine surgery



  • The anatomy recognition engine reads images and recognizes anatomical features based on advanced and proprietry algorithms.

  • The engine is fundamental for planning and serves as the underlying technology for features such as vertebral segmentation, image registration, alignment calculations.


PATIENT CONNECTION PLATFORM with Mazor Technology in spine surgery



  • Set of biocompatible devices that rigidly affix the robotic system/arm to the patient’s skeletal anatomy during surgery, ensuring precision through a stable, solid connection.

  • This unique feature maintains patient-machine unity during the operation and is a major contributor to accuracy.


PATIENT CONNECTION PLATFORM with Mazor Technology in spine surgery



  • Sophisticated registration tool with the ability to analyze and match images from different modalities and body positions, e.g. pre-op CT with Intra-Op Fluoroscopy.

  • Each vertebra is registered independently of the others and irrespective of modality, date of the image, or patient position.



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