MIS Spine

PROlif MIS includes many features, in pre-operative planning and in the OR, that help facilitate minimally-invasive spine surgery (MIS).

Pre-operative planning to identify challenging anatomy

Proprietary 3D software allows the surgeon to identify challenging anatomy – such as hypoplastic and asymmetrical pedicles – and plan accordingly before entering the OR. With minimal line of sight in MIS cases, this may reduce time and increase efficiency during the procedure.


Skin Incision Tool

The surgeon uses this unique tool to precisely plan screw entry points to allow for the smallest incision possible. Also, by aligning the tulips using the Skin Incision Tool, surgeons can pass the rod with ease.

Dr. Zahrawi Discusses Features & Benefits

Dr. Zahrawi of Celebration Health Hospital in Celebration, FL, specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. Here he discusses in detail the features and benefits of the PROlif MIS solution and his surgical technique.


Reduce use of fluoroscopy

With freehand technique, long spinal deformity constructs can require an excessive amount of fluoroscopy. A CT scan is taken pre-operatively and registration can be achieved with just two fluoroscopic images for each segment.


Execute procedure with <1.5mm accuracy

Surgeons can feel confident entering the operating room knowing that the procedure has already been planned and Renaissance will now assist in executing that exact plan with1 allowing the surgeon to feel confident that the implants are being placed in the best location possible, so that the surgeon can focus more on restoring the patient’s sagittal balance with less worry about the placement of the implants.
Footnote : 1. 510(k): K113228

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