PROlat™ is a single-position solution for placing pedicle screws and other spinal hardware in the lateral decubitus position with the Renaissance® Guidance System.


Skip the Flip

For non-staged lateral lumbar interbody fusions, pedicle screws may be placed in a lateral decubitus position following interbody fusion, which can shorten OR time and streamline the procedure. The PROlat solution requires only a one-time purchase of an additional instrument tray.


PROlat Testimonials

The PROlat™ solution by Mazor Robotics will transform the way antepsoas and lateral spine surgery is performed. Technology has never been able to save me time in the OR, but during my first case with PROlat™, we saved over an hour of time without having to flip the patient. It was a seamless and easy integration.

- Ronald A. Lehman, Jr., MD, New York City, NY
Mazor’s lateral system has improved surgical times for lateral cases by nearly one hour. The staff in the hospital has made several comments about how smoothly the system works and how quickly we can get through the cases.

- Adam Bruggeman, MD, San Antonio, TX

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