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Introducing Mazor X™ - Core of the Surgical Assurance Platform for Spine Surgery.

Data-enabled surgery for a streamlined and connected OR environment with three integrated processes:

Pre-Op Analytics | Intra-Op Guidance | Intra-Op Verification


Pre-Op Analytics Software Suite

Tools to create a comprehensive surgical plan of the whole surgery using.

3D Planning - Performed using cutting-edge anatomy recognition and vertebral segmentation algorithms for surgical visualization based on a patient’s images. The resulting Surgical Plan includes implant and trajectory placement planning. The 3D Surgical Plan may be created prior to the surgery or during the surgery using Scan & Plan.

vertebral segmentation

Vertebral Segmentation

Computerized Anatomy Recognition

Computerized Anatomy Recognition


Intra-Operative Guidance

Utilizes precision mechanics and the surgical arm to guide tools and implants at the right trajectory and position according to the surgical plan in the surgical field.

Step 1: Import the Pre-Op Analytics plan - Into the Mazor X Workstation.

Step 2: Attachment of Hardware - The mounting platform is rigidly attached to the patient’s spine or skull to ensure maximum accuracy throughout the surgical procedure.

Step 3: Perform a 3Define Scan – This reconstructs the 3D volume to assess the working area for the surgeon.

Step 4: 3D Synchronization - To execute the surgical Plan, the CT-based plan is registered with the patient’s spine and the mounting platform through CT-to-fluoro registration. The mounting platform’s spatial location is marked by a proprietary 3D Marker which is attached to it. Two fluoroscopic images of the 3D marker and the spine are taken (anterior-posterior and oblique views). Mazor X software then automatically matches the vertebrae seen in the fluoroscopic images to those in the pre-operative CT.


Intra-Operative Verification


Before instrumenting, the Mazor X –Eye camera provides intra-op verification of the surgical arm and position.


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Interested in learning more? Click here for any inquiries or opportunities to see a demonstration through Medtronic, the global distributor for Mazor X.

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